Purchase Lakeview Pecans and Pecan Trees:

Please contact us: 919-749-2739  or  [email protected]

Now taking pecan tree orders for the 2020/2021 season.

Now taking orders for 2020 Pecan Crop!

  In-Shell Pecans:    
  • $3.00 per pound
  • Sold in 50 lb bags. Smaller quantities available (min. 10 lbs)
  • Pecans can be cracked for a $.50 per pound premium.
Shelled Pecans:
  • $12.00 per pound
  • One lb bag pecan halves
  • Lakeview's trees are propagated and grown in containers insuring a heavy mass of feeder roots and great viability.
  • Picked up at Nursery:
    • 1 year grafted tree: $25.00
  • Premium of $5.00 per tree required on Mandan, Lakota, Lipan & Excel
  • Trees can be shipped via UPS. Add $5.00 per tree for packaging + the cost of freight.